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Privacy Policy


At Zeemish, we care about your personal data. Zeemish is not going to collect any information from our customers and we will not use any of our customers information in any commercial and public scenarios. We total respect our customers privacy.

Data Retention Policy

At Zeemish, we do not collect our customers data, we do not store customers personal data locally or in our servers. We do not store or process the personal data from this app.

Data Deletion Policy

At Zeemish, we do not save any of our customers personal data, once the customer deleted the app all app related data will be removed from the device. No action is required on our part as we never store, save or manipulate customer personal data.

Third party advertising

We do use third party advertising sdk in order to show ads in the app. So that we can kept the app free and generate little profit from the advertisments. Currenty we are using only one advertisement network which is owned by Google, named as Admob. You may wish to check Google Admob user privacy policy, In order to get understanding about your data usage by Google advertisement network.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions about my Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact me at mashal1231@hotmail.co.uk